Email Marketing Plan

E-mail is a great choice for marketers. Research shows that for every $1 a company invests in email marketing they’ll see a 21 dollar return. Email is also the communication tool of choice in our hyper-connected age, over 3.5 billion people around the world have an e-mail account compared to 1.3 billion Facebook users.
So if you’ve got a message or product to share, Email is the best way to do it but Email Marketing can be tricky.

It’s not just pushing the send button thing to improve your chances of success with email marketing. It’s a good idea to develop an email marketing plan with a plan in place. You’ll know who your market target is. You’ll know who you’re e-mailing, why you’re emailing them, and what you should include in your emails to achieve your marketing goals. You’ll also have a strategy in place for growing your list. However, before you start to grow your e-mail list and send out emails you need to know why you’re starting to use emails for marketing. The easiest way to understand this is through examples.

So, here are some whys of email marketing for various businesses and organizations.
A media company go with email is to generate page views for its content. A discount retailer makes money by selling in value. They go for their email list is driving sales. A small local business wants to develop a trusting relationship with potential customers. They want to stay top of mind for potential customers so they’re the first. When a customer needs their services or boutique aims to make customers feel special like they’re part of something unique a blogger or writer could use email to build a loyal tribe of readers and nonprofits goal in using email is to raise funds for its good work.

So first and foremost get clear on why you want to start email marketing. The next step is to decide who your emails are! ”for everyone”, isn’t a good answer here.

The more tightly you focus your e-mails and a specific reader, the better you’ll be at engaging all your readers.

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